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The Altrooist community has done 344 good deeds...

QuirkyQuaker QuirkyQuaker We set up a Free Farm Stand! #TeamHolly
QuirkyQuaker QuirkyQuaker Came home early from a family outing to take care of my niece while the other niece was taken into urgent care. #teamholly
haikugirl haikugirl Donated a bunch of craft supplies to the reuse center. May they find a good home. #teamholly
Heather Heather Doled out compliments like it was going out of style. #teamholly
QuirkyQuaker QuirkyQuaker Helped my daughter become a Jr. Park Ranger by helping her pick up trash in Muir Woods. #TeamHokky
haikugirl haikugirl Bought lunch for a hard working lady. #teamholly
haikugirl haikugirl Drove a young lady to San Fran to make a sunset cruise on the bay. She's visiting from OK & was all WOW about how pretty SF was. #teamholly
haikugirl haikugirl I've been wrangling spreadsheets and emails for a campaign event tmrrw. Met the best people eager to meet their candidate. #teamholly